Weather in Granada

Weather Granada

Granada has some of the warmest temperatures in Spain. Granada has a cold semi-arid steppe climate with high temperatures changing from 13°C in January to +30°C in July-August. Although below freezing temperatures are rare in Granada, in winter it can still be cold with low temperatures which are just above freezing point.

Cold season

The cold season in Granada runs from mid November – early March. High temperatures vary between 13°C and 17°C. There is a fair chance of rain during the cold season. Rain can be expected on an average 9 days per month during the cold season. It usually rains between 55mm – 64mm per month during this period.

Mid season

The mid season runs from March end of June and between early September until half November. The mid season has high temperatures from 15°C to 25°C. While low temperatures can vary from 3°C to 14°C. April is usually the Month with the most rain in the mid season. September has historically the lowest amount of rain of the mid season months. Rainfall can be between 52mm – 20mm on average.

High season

The high season in Granada runs from mid June till early September. It’s the warmest period in the Year. High temperatures range from 30°C to +35°C while low temperatures measure between 14°C and 16°C. The high season has the least amount of rain. With 7mm – 10mm rain it’s mostly dry during the season. There are 11 to 12 sun hours per day. It can be very hot in Granada during the high season. Granada is located inland with mountains as cover. Hence there will not be a lot of wind to cool down the warm air.

Overall Granada has a changing climate with different seasons. With long sunny days and warm temperatures it’s always a good time to visit the city. Off course individual preferences may be different, but for a sightseeing and tourism, Granada has a great climate to travel.

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