Taxis in Granada

Granada has a healthy choice when it comes to taxis. You can recognise the official Granada taxi companies as they drive white taxis with a green stripe. There are two different taxi companies in Granada that service the city center; Teleradio Taxi and Radiotaxi Genil. Taxis to Granada Airport are operated by another company. Taxis in Granada are not expensive if you compare them to taxi prices in other major cities in Europe. Just note that not all taxi chauffeurs speak English. It’s advisable that you write down your destination to make sure that the taxi driver understands where you want to go.

If you ring taxi company, please be advised that you will be answered in Spanish. It’s not uncommon that a taxi company uses a system which will connect the closest taxi to your location when you give them a call. The system works automatically, so be aware that it’s not always a real person on the other end of the phone that will answer your call.

Getting a taxi on the street in Granada

If you want to get a taxi while being on the street in Granada, it’s perfectly acceptable if you hail them over. Alternatively you can find a line a taxis waiting at designated taxi ranks. Please pick the first taxi in the rank.

Prices for taxis in Granada

Prices for taxis are controlled by the Andalusian Government. This means that the taxi fare in the city center will be the same. This is independent of the company you take your taxi from. Different prices during different Days or different Hours in a Day apply. Also, Taxi’s charge a start tariff at the beginning of the ride. Below you can find an overview of taxi prices in the city center:

Tarif 1: from Sunday – Thursday (7:00 – 22:00) and Friday (7:00 – 21:00)

Starting price 1,44 euro
Per additional Kilometer 0,78 euro
Minimum price per drive 3,82 euro
Waiting time 0,33 euro per Minute

At Night, on Saturday and on Holidays other tariffs will apply

Tarif 2: from Sunday – Thursday (22:00 – 7:00) and Friday (21:00 – 00:00), Saturday and Holidays (00:00 – 00:00)

Starting price 1,81 euro
Per additional Kilometer 0,99 euro
Minimum price per drive 4,75 euro
Waiting time 0,42 euro per Minute

Added pricing

An additional charge of 0,48 euro applies for taxis that are leaving from the bus or train station. Additionally a 0,48 euro fee per suitcase applies.

Taxi to the Alhambra

The minimum fare to the Alhambra is 3,94 euro during the Day and 4,92 euro at Night time.

Taxi to and from Granada Airport

Taxi’s to and from Granada Airport are operated by a different company which is licensed to transport passengers to the airport. Prices might be different, depending on where you take your ride to the Airport.

Please note that 2 different tariffs apply. Tariff one applies between Monday – Friday and tariff two applies on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays. Prices are from Granada Airport to Granada city.

Area Tariff 1 Tariff 2
ALBAYCÍN 30 euro 32 euro
CENTER OF GRANADA 26 euro 28 euro
CONGRESS CENTER 26 euro 28 euro
BUS STATION 25 euro  27 euro