The most recommended History Tours include:

  • Visit to the Cathedral of Granada
  • Tour to the Royal Chapel of Granada
  • Visit to the the Monastery of Cartuja

Below you will find our recommended tour options. A guide will show you the Cathedral of Granada and the Royal Chapel. Your guide will explain the main highlights of the building of these monuments and how they were used. The Granada Cathedral and Royal Chapel are famous for it’s Renaissance style. The Royal chapel is also the final resting place for the Catholic Monarchs. Finally, the Monastery of Cartuja offers you a unique jump to the Baroque. Visit this monastery and discover the lives of the Cartuja monks and the impressive sacristy. For information or tickets to the Alhambra please click here

Granada: 2-Hour Guided Cathedral and Royal Chapel Visit

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This history tour includes The Cathedral and the Royal Chapel of Granada. These monuments are a must-visit if you are in Granada. This history 2-hour tour will bring you first to the history of the building of the Cathedral. The Cathedral combines several architectural styles: Baroque & Renaissance. The Cathedral took 181 years to build and it’s built upon the site of the Great Mosque. After the Cathedral visit, head to the Royal Chapel. this is the final resting place for the remains of the spanish royal family: The Catholic Monarchs. Discover the stunning altar piece, the renaissance paintings and other important objects. Finish the visit at the cenotaphs housed in the nave of the Royal Chapel.


Granada Cathedral, Royal Chapel & Cartuja Monastery

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The Cathedral, the Royal Chapel and the Cartuja Monastery of Granada are one of the most impressive monuments in Granada. This 1.5 hour tour starts at the Cathedral of Granada. Discover the history of this Renaissance building with unique pieces like the organ or the centre altar. Afterwards, head to the Royal Chapel, where the remains of the Spanish royal family: The Catholic Monarchs are resting. Finish with a history tour to the Monastery of Cartuja. Discover one of the best examples of Baroque architecture in Spain.