Storm Filomena brings snow to Granada

Snow in Alhambra

Snow has arrived in Granada with the storm Filomena. A beautiful white mantle covers the Alhambra and the coast but there are several affected roads that remain unsafe.

The forecast was that Granada would inaugurate 2021 with the possibility of snow. Storm Filomena began to make appearance throughout the country a few days ago but it was avoiding the South of Spain up until now. Finally, snow has finally arrived, although for less time than expected and ten days later. The Alhambra is now covered in snow for the pleasure of neighbors and tourists.

This Sunday snow can be seen in the highest peaks of the capital, several municipalities of the Metropolitan Area, the northern provincial area and even the Coast. The snowfall has also affected several Granada roads.

In Guadix (North of the province), the firefighters are busy as they received around thirty notices to act against the ice that had formed in the streets. Trucks are spreading salt in different parts of the city, where the water and frozen snow on the roadway posed a hazard to pedestrians.

Snow in Guadix

Sierra Nevada had to close its ski resort on Saturday due to strong gusts of wind, and reopened with more than 47 skiable kilometers and 50 slopes.

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