Granada has several options for vegetarians available. There are some really nice vegetarian restaurants in Granada which make fresh en delicious vegetarian dishes. Below you can find an overview of some vegetarians restaurants in Granada.


Hicuri is located in the city center of Granada. Hicuri has great fresh vegetarian food with lot’s of options. There are both salads and burgers on the menu. The almond tiramisu is well known and tastes delicious. Hicuri is definitely recommended for vegetarians, although lot’s of non vegetarians love to go to this place as well.

The staff in the restaurant is very friendly and helps you with your order.

Location: Plaza de los Girones, 4, 18009 Granada, Spain

Hicuri Granada
Granada Hicuri

Babel World Fusion

Not 100% vegetarian, but still a good choice for vegetarian tapas or dishes. Babel world fusion can be found in Granada city center, close to the Cathedral of Granada. The restaurant has both vegetarian and non vegetarian options. The vegetarian options are mostly falafels for main dishes or plenty of choices if you decide to go for tapas.

Babel world fusion can be busy. It’s recommended to check for an available table. On the other side it gives a great atmosphere where you can experience the real Spanish lunch or dining culture.

Location: Calle De Elvira, 40, Granada, Spain

Babel World Fusion Granada
Granada Babel World Fusion

Restaurante Paprika

Restaurant Paprika is located on the North side of Granada city center, close to the University hospital of Granada. The restaurant has a variety of vegetarian dishes and tapas. The atmosphere is relaxed and feels authentic. The food is made fresh and crispy. It’s not overloaded with sauces which could happen in some vegetarian restaurants.

Restaurante Paprika is a good choice when you happen to be in the North side of Granada city and fancy a vegetarian meal.

Location: Cuesta de Abarqueros, 3, 18010 Granada, Spain

Restaurante Paprika Granada
Granada Restaurante Paprika

Grazie Mille

Grazie Mille is a takeaway restaurant for pizza’s and pastas. The Restaurant has several vegetarian options on offer .The pizza’s are excellent! Grazie Mille is a perfect choice if you decide to eat outside on the benches while enjoying the buzz of Granada city.

Grazie Mille is located on the North-west side of Granada city center. It’s close to the train station.

Location: Cl. Gran Capitan, 15, 18002 Granada, Spain

Grazie Mille Granada
Granada Grazie Mille