We would like to recommend some really nice Spanish restaurants in Granada. These restaurants have their own identity and serve great Spanish dishes.


Entrebrasas is a Spanish restaurant located in Granada city center. The restaurant has a big focus on serving meat dishes. Entrebrasas has an excellent service with friendly staff. Just note that the restaurant places meat at the center of their dishes. Therefore you shouldn’t expect too much of side dishes. Both pork and beef cut meat are served which is a real delight for meat lovers.

The tapa’s that are served are excellent. Entrebrasas is a great restaurant if you are looking for a Spanish diner in Granada city center.

Location: Calle Navas 27, 18009 Granada, Spain

Entrebrasas Granada
Granada Entrebrasas

Meson el Cordobes

Located close to the Granada train station, Meson el Cordobes is the perfect place to go to when you just arrived in Granada per train. The restaurant has a great Spanish menu which the owner or staff will happily translate in English for you. Meson el Cordobes is one of those restaurants where the locals themselves love to go. You will find plenty of locals here.

If you want to get away from the tourist area and you love great Spanish food, it definitely recommended to visit Meson el Cordobes.

Location: artesano Molero 5, 18004 Granada, Spain

Meson el Cordobes Granada
Granada Meson el Cordobes

La Fabula

La Fabula is located in Granada city center at the South side of the city. This fine dining restaurant has a special tasting menu where small portions of the menu can be tasted by everyone. The price is very affordable considering the fine dining dishes of La Fabula.

La Fabula is definitely a place to visit if you want to have a fine dining experience. Their tasting menus are excellent to try different styles of dishes as well.

Location: Calle San Anton 28, 18005, 18005 Granada, Spain

Meson el Cordobes Granada
Granada Meson el Cordobes

El Quinteto

On the West side of Granada city center you can find restaurant El Quinteto. El Quinteto is a small bar/restaurant with less than 10 tables. Reservations can’t be made online, but you are able to give them a call. The food in the restaurant is freshly made and of very high quality. The dishes taste amazing and are served by the owners themselves. Free tapas are served with you beer order.

El Quinteto provides honest freshly cooked food and is definitely a great recommendation if you are looking for a smaller ambience within walking distance of the city center.

Location: Calle Solarillo de Gracia 4, 18002 Granada, Spain

Meson el Cordobes Granada
Granada Meson el Cordobes