Favour a steak or burger? Below you can find some of the best Grill and Steakhouse restaurants in Granada.

Taberna El Aviso

Located 2 blocks from the Plaza de Mariana Pineda park near the city center of Granada, Taverna El Aviso provides a variety of tapas and great grill and meat dishes. Depending on the waiter you might have to bring your Spanish language skills since not all the waiters speak English. However, the staff is very helpful.

Location: Calle del Rosario, 1, 18009 Granada, Spain

 Taberna El Aviso Granada
Granada Taberna El Aviso

Atahualpa Steak House

Atahualpa Steak House is the perfect destination for meat lovers. Their meat is imported from Argentina which has some of the best steaks in the world. The restaurant is located at the South side of Granada city center.

Atahualpa has friendly staff which also speaks English. You can choose to dine inside in their authentic decorated restaurant or enjoy your meal outside in the lovely Spanish sun.

Location: Plaza del Campillo Bajo, 18009 Granada, Spain

Atahualpa Steak House Granada
Granada Atahualpa Steak House

Tendido 1

Tendido 1 is located at the North side of Granada city center next to the University hospital San Cecilio and close to the Granada train station. The restaurant has both inside and outside seating and is famous for its meat dishes. The staff is friendly and wants you to feel at home when enjoying your meal.

If you happen to be on the North side of the city or just arrived via train, Tendido 1 is definitely recommended if you crave for a great meat dish.

Location: Avenida Doctor Oloriz 25, 18012 Granada, Spain

Tendido 1 Granada
Granada Tendido 1

La Parrilla Argentina

This amazing Argentinian restaurant is located on the West side of Granada city center. La Parrilla Argentina prepares authentic Argentinian dishes which are delicious. For meat lovers this is really a place to consider.

Lot’s of people from Argentina come to the restaurant to eat their home cooked food. This makes it a nice experience and guarantees that you will get the best dishes prepared with the best Argentinian meat.

Location: Horno de Haza 25, 18002 Granada, Spain

 La Parrilla Argentina Granada
Granada La Parrilla Argentina