If you are looking for Italian cooking, you are definitaly in a great place in Granada. The city has many Italian restaurant, of which some will give you a real Italian experience combined with the most awesome Italian dishes. Here you can find our favorite Italian restaurants in Granada.

Cacho & Pepe

Cacho & Pepe has some of the best Italian food in Granada. Some even go as far to claim that it even exceeds the quality of local restaurants in Italy. Cacho & Pepe is a small take away Italian restaurant in Granada city center. Their lasagna, ricotta and tiramisu are world class. The restaurant has very friendly staff and serves affordable dishes. If you happen to be in Granada city center, it’s definitely worth to pay a visit to Cacho & Pepe and enjoy some great Italian food.

Cacho & Pepe has 2 small tables to dine in the restaurant. Most people go here to take away their delicious dishes and enjoy them outside in the lovely Spanish sun.

Location: Calle Colcha, 6, 18009 Granada, Spain

Cacho-and-Pepe Granada
Granada Cacho-and-Pepe

iViva Maria!

Located close to the Cathedral of Granada, iViva Maria is a great Italian restaurant which prepares menu of the day dishes to make sure that they only work with the freshest ingredients. This is as authentic as it can be. The menu is handwritten to show the dishes of the day. This restaurant will give you a very unique experience.

Have a drink at the bar and enjoy the atmosphere. iViva Maria has only a few tables, but service is fast. You shouldn’t wait too long before a table opens up.

Location: Calle San Jerónimo, 10, 18001 Granada, Spain

iViva-Maria Granada
Granada iViva-Maria

Pizzeria La Nonna

Located at the North side of Granada, North-East of the train station, Pizzeria La Nonna prepares wood-oven pizzas and other delicious Italian food. The restaurant is vibrant and makes sure that you feel at home. The staff is friendly and explains the all options in English for your convenience.

Pizzeria La Nonna is a great choice if you want to go for a good Italian lunch. The pizza’s are made in a wood oven to give them their authentic taste.

Location: Calle Dr. Fleming, 13, 18012 Granada, Spain

Pizzeria-La-Nonna Granada
Granada Pizzeria-La-Nonna

VidaXtra Restaurant

VidaXtra can be found in the city center of Granada. The restaurant serves good Italian food which is made by their Italian chefs. The restaurant is ideal for people who want to sit down for a while and enjoy a bottle of wine with great Italian food.

VidaXtra is a great option in the city center if you are looking for some good Italian food and have some time to spend to sit down for diner or lunch.

Location: Calle Colcha, 6, 18009 Granada, Spain

VidaXtra Granada
Granada VidaXtra