Final Copa Libertadores 2023

Waar is Copa Libertadores finale 2023?

De Maracanã in Rio de Janeiro is gastheer van de finale. Alle statistieken zijn correct vanaf 29 juni 2023. De finale wordt op 4 november 2023 gespeeld in het Maracanã-stadion in Rio de Janeiro, Brazilië, zoals aangekondigd door CONMEBOL-voorzitter Alejandro Domínguez op 8 maart 2023.

Wat is de Copa Sudamericana?

Genoemd Copa Sudamericana ( Spaanse uitspraak:, Portugees : Copa Sul Americana ), CONMEBOL Sudamericana is een jaarlijkse internationale clubvoetbalcompetitie die sinds 2002 wordt georganiseerd door CONMEBOL. Het is de tweede meest prestigieuze club. Zuid-Amerikaans voetbaltoernooi.

Waar wordt de finale gespeeld van de Copa del Rey?

In Estadio de La Cartuja van Sevilla zal op zaterdag 6 mei de Spaanse bekerfinale worden gespeeld.

Welk land heeft meer Copa Libertadores?

Argentijnse clubs hebben de meeste overwinningen behaald met 25 overwinningen, terwijl Brazilië het grootste aantal winnende teams heeft, met 10 clubs die de titel hebben gewonnen.

Welk team heeft de meeste Copa Libertadores-titels?

Independiente is de meest succesvolle club in de Copa Libertadores, zeven keer kampioen (vier op rij, record), en in de Copa Interamericana, met drie titels. Twee titels is het record in de Supercopa Libertadores, gezamenlijk in handen van Independiente en Cruzeiro uit Brazilië.

Waarom heet het Copa Libertadores?

Copa Libertadores 2023 Round of 16 & CONMEBOL Sudamericana draw, summary: teams, fixtures, dates

  • The full draw:
  • Atlético Nacional (COL) vs Racing (ARG)
  • Nacional (URU) vs Boca Juniors (ARG)
  • Deportivo Pereira vs Independiente del Valle
  • Atlético Mineiro (BRA) vs Palmeiras (BRA)
  • Bolívar (BOL) vs Athletico Paranaense (BRA)
  • River Plate (ARG) vs Internacional (BRA)
  • Flamengo (BRA) vs Olimpia (PAR)
  • Argentinos Juniors (ARG) vs Fluminense (BRA)
  • Sporting Cristal/Emelec vs Defensa y Justicia
  • Barcelona/Estudiantes vs Goiás
  • Colo-Colo/América MG vs Red Bull Bragantino
  • Ind. Medellín/San Lorenzo vs São Paulo
  • Ñublense/Audax Italiano vs LDU Quito
  • Libertad/Tigre vs Fortaleza
  • Corinthians/Universitario vs Newell’s Old Boys
  • Patronato/Botafogo vs Guaraní Publicado a las: 12:41 EDT 05/07/2023

  1. That’s all, folks!
  2. Thanks for joining in on the South American fun this time around, we sure had some laughter and some tears.
  3. Make sure you bookmark as your home for all the latest drama and action in the world of sport and beyond.
  4. Joe Publicado a las: 12:44 EDT 05/07/2023 A point of note. Boca Juniors and River Plate just missed each other, being among the final four teams to be drawn out of their pots. If they do meet, it will have to be in the final of the tournament. which is to be held at the Maracaná. Publicado a las: 12:42 EDT 05/07/2023 And that’s all! We almost had a Superclásico for a second there, but we’ll have to wait! Publicado a las: 12:33 EDT 05/07/2023 Nacional (URU) vs Boca Juniors (ARG) Publicado a las: 12:32 EDT 05/07/2023 Publicado a las: 12:32 EDT 05/07/2023 River Plate (ARG) vs Internacional (BRA) Publicado a las: 12:32 EDT 05/07/2023 Publicado a las: 12:31 EDT 05/07/2023 Argentinos Juniors (ARG) vs Fluminense (BRA) Publicado a las: 12:31 EDT 05/07/2023 Publicado a las: 12:31 EDT 05/07/2023 Deportivo Pereira (COL) vs Independiente del Valle (ECU) Publicado a las: 12:31 EDT 05/07/2023 Publicado a las: 12:30 EDT 05/07/2023 Atlético Mineiro (BRA) vs Palmeiras (BRA) Publicado a las: 12:30 EDT 05/07/2023 Publicado a las: 12:29 EDT 05/07/2023 Flamengo (BRA) vs Olimpia (PAR) Publicado a las: 12:29 EDT 05/07/2023 Now for match number 3. Publicado a las: 12:29 EDT 05/07/2023 Bolívar (BOL) vs Athletico Paranaense (BRA) Publicado a las: 12:29 EDT 05/07/2023 Atlético Nacional (COL) vs Racing (ARG) Publicado a las: 12:28 EDT 05/07/2023 Publicado a las: 12:28 EDT 05/07/2023

  • Here we go!
  • Remember, we will have the teams from Pot 2 as the home teams in the first leg.
  • List of teams:
  • Palmeiras
  • Olimpia
  • Racing
  • Boca Juniors
  • Athletico Paranaense
  • Independiente del Valle
  • Internacional
  • Fluminense
  • ***
  • Bolívar
  • Flamengo
  • Nacional
  • Argentinos Juniors
  • Atlético Mineiro
  • River Plate
  • Atlético Nacional
  • Deportivo Pereira
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  1. Publicado a las: 12:20 EDT 05/07/2023 And now it’s time for the Libertadores draw Here’s a graphic of the two pots for the draw.
  2. The ties will be played over 2 legs, and the team from Pot 1 will play the second leg at home.
  3. There won’t be any extra-time if the two sides are level after 180 minutes, and the games will go straight to penalties, Publicado a las: 12:15 EDT 05/07/2023

  1. CONMEBOL Sudamericana draw:
  2. Sporting Cristal/Emelec vs Defensa y Justicia
  3. Barcelona/Estudiantes vs Goiás
  4. Colo-Colo/América MG vs Red Bull Bragantino
  5. Ind. Medellín/San Lorenzo vs São Paulo
  6. Ñublense/Audax Italiano vs LDU Quito
  7. Libertad/Tigre vs Fortaleza
  8. Corinthians/Universitario vs Newell’s Old Boys
  9. Patronato/Botafogo vs Guaraní Publicado a las: 12:12 EDT 05/07/2023 We’ve got the CONMEBOL Sudamericana draw up first. But, as always, a goals compilation to start us off. Publicado a las: 12:03 EDT 05/07/2023 OK, here we go, I promise. Publicado a las: 12:01 EDT 05/07/2023 Things are moving! We’ve got a video of the Copa Libertadores trophy in different locations across South America, including Asunción, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires.

  1. Publicado a las: 11:58 EDT 05/07/2023 Still no draw just yet.
  2. The two men in trainers and denim jackets are still looking at football shirts, which are all lovely, by the way.
  3. Publicado a las: 11:55 EDT 05/07/2023 Now we are being presented with al l the shirts of the teams that are to feature in the draw, as well as the opinions of two men in trainers. Publicado a las: 11:51 EDT 05/07/2023 We’re almost ready to go! The presentation has started and we’re first being run through the teams for the draw of the Copa Sudamericana, Publicado a las: 11:49 EDT 05/07/2023

  • A word of warning:
  • Well, not really a warning, but more of a reminder: there are no limitations to the draw today.
  • Any team, regardless of country, can be drawn against any other team with no problem at all.

I’m getting excited now. Just over 15 minutes to go! Publicado a las: 11:40 EDT 05/07/2023 Let’s run through the teams again. If you’ve just joined us, below are the teams that are in today’s draw. Here’s how it works: the top teams (who came top of their groups) will be drawn against the bottom teams (second in the group).

  1. List of teams:
  2. Palmeiras
  3. Olimpia
  4. Racing
  5. Boca Juniors
  6. Athletico Paranaense
  7. Independiente del Valle
  8. Internacional
  9. Fluminense
  10. ***
  11. Bolívar
  12. Flamengo
  13. Nacional
  14. Argentinos Juniors
  15. Atlético Mineiro
  16. River Plate
  17. Atlético Nacional
  18. Deportivo Pereira Publicado a las: 11:36 EDT 05/07/2023 Crespo celebrates his birthday today The Argentinian scored twice in the 1996 home leg of the final against América de Cali: two important goals in the history of the club, and probably the most significant of his 24 that he managed before a move to Parma in Italy’s Serie A, Publicado a las: 11:33 EDT 05/07/2023 Toru Hanai / REUTERS The most appearances this century: The player with the most Copa Libertadores appearances after the year 2000 is São Paulo’s legendary goalkeeper, Rogério Ceni, The now 50-year-old played 870 times for the Brazilian club in a career that spanned over 2 decades.

However, that is not even the most astonishing fact: he scored over 100 goals for the club – as a goalkeeper! Ceni was a prolific free-kick and penalty taker, and could hit them into any corner from any area of the pitch, something that made his legend even greater for one of Brazil’s biggest clubs.

Just one of his 131 goals came from open play, He won the 2005 Copa Libertadores, a tournament in which he was also voted as the best player that year, Publicado a las: 11:23 EDT 05/07/2023 One legendary team is missing.

  • The record winners of the Copa Libertadores are Independiente from Avellaneda in Greater Buenos Aires, who have won the tournament a mid-blowing seven times,
  • The last time they were victorious, however, was way back in 1984, which was the final time after winning 4 in a row between 1972 and 1975,
  • After that, Boca are next with 6 wins and 5 second place finishes, so you could argue that they are actually the most consistent team across the history of the competition.
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  1. One to watch:
  2. Club Olimpia’s Alejandro Silva has racked up an impressive 3 assists so far this tournament, making him the joint-highest provider along with Jhon Arias of Fluminense.
  3. The 33-year-old Uruguayan creates over 4 chances per game according to FBREF, and has shown himself to be a reliable ball carrier too, completing 2 successful take-ons per 90, putting him firmly in the bracket of ‘baller’. Publicado a las: 11:01 EDT 05/07/2023 David Fernandez / EFE

  • Why is the competition known as the Copa ‘Libertadores’?
  • The competition was originally called the American Champions Cup in 1958, ten years after the initial format and direct descendant of today’s tournament was born.
  • In 1958 the name was changed to Copa Libertadores in order to honour the heroes of South American liberation, namely Simón Bolívar, Juan McKenna, José de San Martín and the fantastically named Bernardo O’Higgins, among others. Publicado a las: 10:52 EDT 05/07/2023 LUIS ROBAYO / AFP

  1. The best goalkeeper of the tournament so far:
  2. The team with the most clean sheets so far in this edition of the Copa Libertadores is ex-Manchester United shot stopper, Sergio Romero,
  3. The Argentinian has kept 4 clean sheets so far in 6 games, conceding just two goals, both to Deportivo Pereira,
  4. Boca’s defensive form in the 2023 league table is not the same, however, where the side have conceded 22 goals in 22 games, Publicado a las: 10:40 EDT 05/07/2023 The current top scorer is. Fluminense’s 35-year-old forward, Germán Cano, who has 6 goals so far. He’s tied at the top with Atlético Nacional’s Dorlan Pabón, who has scored the same amount of goals but in one game less on the books. Publicado a las: 10:09 EDT 05/07/2023

  • Here’s a throwback!
  • Yes, the current Copa Libertadores champions are the side where a certain Vini Jr made his name as one of football’s shining lights.
  • The now 22-year-old moved to Madrid in 2018 after scoring 11 in 50 for Flamengo.
  • Since then, he has gone on to become one of the world’s greatest players, playing well over 100 games for Los Blancos. Publicado a las: 10:01 EDT 05/07/2023 RICARDO MORAES / AFP Why are Palmeiras at the top? Perhaps a better question is ‘ why are the teams in that order? ‘. Well, there is a good explanation. The teams that came top in the groups are in the top half of the list and the teams that came second in the groups are in the bottom half.

  1. Ordering the teams here in their respective mini-leagues comes down to their specific performances in the group stage : as Palmeiras finished top and won the most games (5W 1L), they get top seed.
  2. Fluminense came top of their group (3W 1D 2 L), but they have the worst record out of the winners, so they sit at the bottom of the top list.
  3. Bolívar are another example: they won 4 games and lost 2 – more wins than Fluminense – but they finished behind Palmeiras, so are in the second seed group of 9-16. Publicado a las: 09:51 EDT 05/07/2023

  • Which teams are in the draw?
  • Great question. Here are all the teams that we will be seeing drawn out today once the event gets underway:
  • Palmeiras
  • Olimpia
  • Racing
  • Boca Juniors
  • Athletico Paranaense
  • Independiente del Valle
  • Internacional
  • Fluminense
  • ***
  • Bolívar
  • Flamengo
  • Nacional
  • Argentinos Juniors
  • Atlético Mineiro
  • River Plate
  • Atlético Nacional
  • Deportivo Pereira Publicado a las: 09:46 EDT 05/07/2023 Hello and welcome to the AS USA live coverage of the Copa Libertadores Round of 16, It’s Joe here to guide you through all the action as we find out the latest pairings for the tournament! Publicado a las: 09:40 EDT 05/07/2023 : Copa Libertadores 2023 Round of 16 & CONMEBOL Sudamericana draw, summary: teams, fixtures, dates

Is Copa Libertadores hetzelfde als Copa America?

Is Copa Libertadores hetzelfde als Copa America? Nee, Copa Libertadores is de hoogste competitie en Sudamericana is de tweede clubcompetitie in Zuid-Amerika. Wie won de meeste Copa Libertadores? Independiente en Boca Juniors zijn de twee meest succesvolle teams, met zeven en zes titels.

Wat is het verschil tussen Sudamericana en Libertadores?

Copa Sudamericana werd rond 2002 opgericht, dus afgezien van het feit dat het jonger is dan Copa Libertadores, wordt het gespeeld door teams uit het midden van de tafel in hun respectievelijke landen, zie het als de Champion’s League en de UEFA Cup in Europa.

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Wie won de meeste Copa América?

Copa América

CONMEBOL Copa América
Eerste editie 1916 in Argentinië
Regerend kampioen Argentinië (2021)
Recordkampioen Uruguay Argentinië met 15 titels
Portaal Sport

Waar wordt Copa del Rey 2023 gespeeld?

De finale van de Copa del Rey 2023 was een voetbalwedstrijd die de winnaar besliste van de Copa del Rey 2022-2023, de 121e editie van de belangrijkste voetbalbeker van Spanje. De wedstrijd werd gespeeld op 6 mei 2023 in het Estadio de La Cartuja in Sevilla tussen Real Madrid en Osasuna. La Cartuja in Sevilla was gastheer van de finale.

Waar wordt Copa del Rey finale gespeeld 2023?

Boek nu uw tickets voor de komende () wedstrijd tussen Real Madrid en Osasuna in Estadio de La Cartuja, Sevilla, Spanje, waar ze zullen strijden in het Spanje Cup Finale op 06/05/2023.

Is Real Madrid uit de Copa del Rey 2023?

Real Madrid won op 6 mei 2023 hun twintigste Copa del Rey na een overwinning op Osasuna in de finale in het La Cartuja-stadion in Sevilla (2-1).

Spelen Mexicaanse teams in Copa Libertadores?

Mexicaanse teams hebben sinds 2016 niet meer deelgenomen aan de Copa Libertadores vanwege botsingen met de Liga MX, terwijl Amerikaanse partijen nooit hebben deelgenomen aan de jaarlijkse competitie.

Hoeveel Libertadores heeft Flamengo gewonnen?

Ze zijn een van de drie clubs die nooit zijn gedegradeerd uit de Braziliaanse Serie A. In Zuid-Amerikaanse en wereldwijde competities zijn de hoogste prestaties van de club hun veroveringen van de Copa Libertadores van 1981, 2019 en 2022 en de Intercontinental Cup van 1981 tegen Liverpool, geleid door de meest iconische speler van de club Zico.

Welke club is de grootste van de wereld?

1. Manchester United – De laatste jaren wist deze ploeg helaas niet meer de top te raken, maar toch is het nog steeds wereldwijd de grootste ploeg. Zo hebben de Red Devils maar liefst 700 miljoen fans over de hele wereld. Vooral veel fans hebben ze in Azië.

Welke club heeft de meeste trofeeen?

Succesvolste clubs Europese bekercompetities – In deze statistiek worde de Europese clubs opgesomd die de meeste internationale bekercompetities gewonnen hebben. Er wordt onderscheid gemaakt tussen de categorieën Champions League/Europacup I, Europa League/UEFA Cup, Europacup II en de onofficiele voorganger competitie van de Jaarbeursstedenbeker. Compact Uitgebreid

# Club Land Algehele titel
Real Madrid


14 2 – – 16 2


5 – 4 3 12 3
AC Milan


7 – 2 – 9 4


6 3 – – 9 5
Bayern München


6 1 1 – 8 6
Sevilla FC


– 7 – – 7 7


4 1 1 – 6 8
Inter Milan


3 3 – – 6 9


2 3 1 – 6 10


2 2 2 – 6 11
Manchester Utd.


3 1 1 – 5 12
FC Porto


2 2 – – 4 13
Atlético Madrid


– 3 1 – 4 14
FC Valencia


– 1 1 2 4 15


1 2 – – 3 16


– 2 1 – 3 17


– 2 1 – 3 18
RSC Anderlecht


– 1 2 – 3 19
Nottm Forest


2 – – – 2 20


2 – – – 2 21


1 1 – – 2 22
Manchester City


1 – 1 – 2 23


1 – 1 – 2 24
Hamburger SV


1 – 1 – 2 25
E. Frankfurt


– 2 – – 2

ul> 1 2 3

Welke club heeft de meeste bekers gewonnen?

Ajax heeft de meeste landstitels behaald: 36.

Wat is Copa?

Wat is coppa? • Coppa of Capocollo is een traditionele Italiaanse en Corsicaanse gedroogde vleeswaar. Een malse rauwe ham, gemaakt van de procureur, een spier die zich bevindt tussen ‘capo’ (kop) en ‘collo’ (nek) van het varken. Coppa wordt volgens authentiek regionaal Italiaans recept gezouten, gekruid en dan gerijpt (gedroogd).

Dat geeft een exclusieve ham met een geheel eigen smaak. Vrij bekend is de Coppa di Parma, uit de Italiaanse Parmaregio. Deze ham wordt al eeuwen gemaakt en is DOP (Denominazione di Origine Protetta) gecertificeerd. De naam is beschermd: alleen hammen die in deze regio gemaakt worden, mogen zo heten. Uit de regio Emilla Romagna komt de Coppa Piacenza (DOP), waarvoor hetzelfde geldt.

Lees meer in de blog : : Wat is coppa? •