Madraza facade in GranadaLa Madraza, Palacio de la Madraza or Madrasah was a Muslim University founded by Yusuf I and it’s located in Calle Oficios, opposite of the Royal Chapel. Being the first University of its kind in Granada, the building was dedicated to the study of Mathematics, Languages and Medicine. Afterwards, the building was turned into the Town hall of Granada and nowadays it belongs to the Granada University.

History of Madraza

The Madraza functioned as an arab university under the Treaty of Granada until the XVI Century. Afterwards, the building suffered an assault by Cisneros and it was closed. The library contents were burned in a public bonfire and the building suffered pillage and deterioration. In 1500 it was named the new Casa del Cabildo (Town hall). In the XIX Century, the town hall moved to Plaza del Carmen and this Arab building was used for private companies until. In the early XX Century the building was restored and in 1976 it became part of the University of Granada and was not accessible to the visitors. In 2011 the building was opened again to the public and it can now be visited.

The Building of Madraza

Madraza shield facadeMadraza suffered many changes over the years. Originally, the building featured a marble entrance, a pool in the centre with gardens and a façade that was decorated with Arab inscriptions. After the Reconquista and the conversion of this building to a town hall the building was enlarged with another house and an octagonal room was constructed. Several inscriptions and decorations of this era were included to describe the Christian conquest of the city. Though the years the pool was filled and the building had major modifications, including a complete new façade of Baroque style that features the shield of the city of Granada surrounded by Angels. The oratory that nowadays can be visited belongs to the XIV Century and the Sala de los Caballeros is Mudéjar style.

Opening times Madraza

Madraza opening times are:

Winter (1st October – 30th April)

Monday – Sunday: From 10:00 to 20:00

Summer (1st May – 30th September)

Monday – Sunday: From 10:00 to 19:00

Tickets Madraza

The visit to the Madraza is a guided tour that lasts 15 to 20 minutes.You can buy tickets at the entrance of the Madraza.

Ticket prices: EUR 2

Contact Details

Contact Phone: +34 958 99 63 50

Address: Calle Oficios 14, 18001, Granada

Accessibility Madraza

Madraza is wheelchair accessible. It has an accessible lift to visit the upper floors.