House of Zafra PatioHouse of Zafra or Casa de Zafra was built in the XIV century and it’s located in the centre of the historical Albaicin neighborhood. Albaicin is a winding, narrow area with dead-end streets. This fact and the altitude made the place easy to defend. As a consequence, the orography that defended the place, also protected the neighborhood from contemporary urban reforms.

After the Conquest of Granada, the Catholic Kings handed out the Nasrid properties of Albaicin to the Noble castilians and religious institutions. Catholic Queen Isabel gave Casa de Zafra to Don Hernando de Zafra. After the death of Don Hernando and his wife, the house was used by Santa Catalina de Siena convent. In 1931 the whole convent of Zafra was declared a historic and artistic monument. 1946 the mayor of Granada, acquired the house for the city council of Granada and the building went under numerous restorations. In 1985 the house was announced Cultural Interest.

Nasrid houses have a high contrast between the simplicity of the exterior and the decorative richness of the interior. The courtyard façades represent unique decorative paths based on arches, columns and polychrome plaster works. Some of the key elements are:

  • Hall – Its access in a bend prevents the inside to be seen from the street
  • Patio – Central part of the house
  • North and South Halls – These rooms are bigger than the rest
  • Secondary bays – Kitchen, stable, pantry and latrine

Column House of ZafraNasrid houses used rooms for several purposes. Hence, the furniture had to be lightweight and easy to carry. It was common to use carpets, mats, pillows and platforms in these houses. The tableware in these houses was exquisite ceramic and handmade. The nasrid golden crockery was full of artistic and technical expression. These art pieces became very famous and were exported to many countries.

Nowadays Casa de Zafra has been converted into the Albaicín Visitor Centre. The centre aims to preserve the house and to be the first point of contact from the visitor to the the Albaicin.




Opening times House of Zafra

Summer (1st April to 14th of September): Monday – Friday from 9:30 to 14:30 / from 17:00 to 21:00

Winter (15th September to 31st of March): Monday – Friday from 10:00 to 17:00

Free entrance

Contact Details

Contact Phone: +34 958 180 079

Address: Portería de la Concepción, 8, 18010, Granada

Accessibility House of Zafra

House of Zafra is wheelchair accessible. Lifts are available to access the upper floor and there is enough space to visit the House of Zafra by wheelchair.