Practical tips when you are visiting the Alhambra.

Most important, book your tickets in advance. The tickets for the Alhambra are in high demand. If you don’t reserve your tickets in advance you will most likely end up waiting at the gate. Tickets for the Alhambra are made available for certain timeslots which could end up in a long waiting period. You can purchase your tickets in advance via our website to avoid waiting times. You can reserve your tickets here: Tickets Alhambra

Make Sure that you have a careful look at your tickets. The tickets for the Alhambra are valid for a 4 Hour stay. However, 1 of these Hours is reserved for you to visit the Alhambra Palaces. Make sure that you know when can you enter the Palaces to avoid disappointment at the entrance. Also note that you are not given access to the Alcazaba and Generalife during the timeslot for your visit to the Palaces. Hence plan your trip carefully to make the most your of you Alhambra experience.

Wear comfortable walking shoes. It’s quite a walk with on an uphill road to reach the Alhambra. It’s advised that you wear some comfortable shoes. Now, the walk is very doable on a good road. Just make sure that if you are less mobile to take your time since the walk can be a little exhausting for some people.

Take your time. There is a lot to see at the Alhambra and the surroundings. Make sure that you take your time to soak it all in. 4 Hours should be plenty of time to complete the tour and see all the beauty you come to see. It’s a really nice visit and a must do on your to-do list.

Take the written guide instead of the audio tour. Several visitors of the Alhambra told us that the audio tour wouldn’t necessarily be of added value for your tour. The experience of the Alhambra and reading all it’s history are better experienced when not being distracted by headphones and an audio tour guide. But, obviously this is just the opinion of some of the visitors.

Wifi Alhambra. If you need to be connected while you visit the Alhambra, take note of the login details.

Network: Wi-Fi Alhambra
Password: (unesco2012)