The Palace of Charles V is situated in the Alhambra complex, between the Nasrid Palaces and the Alcazaba. The palace stands out by its size and nicely decorated outer walls. Not until recently it was believed that the Monarchs in Spain built the palace to break away from the Muslim past in Granada. However, recent believes suggest that the Palace has been built to complement the Muslim heritage. The Monarch wanted to strengthen Granada’s role as Capital of Spain again as it had been before. Therefore they built great new monuments to strengthen their view. The palace is a result of this vision.

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Palace of Charles V

The palace looks out-of-place at first sight when entering the Alhambra. The Palace was built much later than the Nasrid Palaces and rest of the Alhambra. However, the Palace of Charles the V played an important role for the Alhambra. The Alhambra was included in the Spanish Royal patrimony for palaces because of the Palace of Charles V. Otherwise the Alhambra would most Palace of Charles V Alhambra likely be just an archeological site.

Emperor Charles V came to the Alhambra in 1526 during his honeymoon. He stayed at the Alhambra and appreciated the complex so much that he wanted to build a residence which was suitable to fit the needs of a modern court. The governor of Granada, Marquis Mondejar was tasked to build the Palace of Charles V.


Sculptures Palace of Charles V

On the outer walls of the palace are numerous sculptures which portray events or myths from the past. You can see the Battle of Pavia or Hercules as methodological reference to the Emperor. On the main facade above the main entrance you can find the shield of Phillip II. The bigger windows are rectangular with small round windows on top. This building style is in line with the style that was during the Renaissance.


Alhambra Museum

The Alhambra museum Detail Palace of Charles V Alhambracan be found on the ground floor of the Palace of Charles V. Entrance to the museum is free. Just note that the museum is closed on Mondays. A collection of pieces from the Alhambra were transferred from the Spanish-Muslim museum to the Alhambra museum at the end of the twentieth century. When visiting the museum you can see the famous Gazelle Jar, The original door to the Hall of the Two Sisters, ceramics and tombstones.