The Alhambra has a limited zone accessible by visitors with reduced mobility. About 50% of the entire area is accessible for disabled visitors. While 30% of the area is accessible with help from others. This part is challenging since there are a lot of obstacles to get around. The remainder 20% remains unaccessible for visitors with disabilities. The Patronato of the Alhambra is currently working into getting more areas accessible by wheelchair.

There is a free service of wheelchair to use during the visit. Visitors can request it on the ticketing area of the Generalife. It´s not possible to book wheelchairs in advance, they will be given to you when you arrive.

Disabled route sign

 There are signs indicating the routes to follow through the Alhambra. First the recommended order for visitors with disabilities is to first enter through the Puerta de la Justicia. Then you can go to visit the Nasrid Palaces and the Partal gardens. In the end you can head to the Generalife.

Nasrid Palaces

Itinerary: Accessible Description: There are wooden ramps to allow an easy access to the different rooms 100 cm wide. In some areas the floor is irregular, making it difficult to access for disabled people.

Partal Gardens

Itinerary: Accessible Description: Most of the itinerary is accessible. There are ramps and most of the terrain is flat. Some of the terrain can have an inclination of 10%.


Itinerary: Accessible Description: You might need assistance to access the Generalife as there are two steps of 20 cm. There is another access via Patio de las Adelfas.  You will need to let the security guards know.

Palacio de Carlos V

Ramp Palacio Carlos V Itinerary: Accessible Description: The entrance has a space of more than 120cm. After the entrance there is a lift that can lead you to the upper level of the palace.

The Alcazaba

Itinerary: Not accessible Description: Alcazaba is one of the oldest parts of the Alhambra and due to it’s own configuration it does not allow an easy access for disabled visitors. Hence it has stairs to enter the building. There are also stairs inside to reach the towers. In the following map you can check which areas are accessible by wheelchair and which are not. ▼ Download our printable version of the alhambra accessible areas here.

Adapted Toilets

You can find toilets in the following areas:Accessible Toilets
  • Main entrance
  • Service area – Next to The Wine Gate
  • Generalife gardens

Ticket prices

There are discounted rates for people with reduced mobility: Visitors with reduced mobility (with disabilities of over 33%): EUR 8 Care takers: EUR 8

Hearing Impairment guide

Signoguía is a free guide in Spanish and English for visitors with hearing impairment. It is located in the main entrance.

Disabled Parking areas

There are reserved parking spaces for visitors with reduced mobility. Location: Exterior Itinerary: Accessible Description: There are parking spaces reserved for reduced mobility visitors next to the entrance. The itinerary towards the main entrance is accessible.


Location: Main entrance and Service area – Next to The Wine Gate. Itinerary: Accessible Description: There are lockers available for the visitors to leave personal items in different sizes: from 50 cm to 140 cm. If you need to leave your belongings somewhere else you can also check our list of all locker services available in Granada. For additional information you can ring the Alhambra at +34 958 027 971