The Alhambra Palaces consists of a citadel of Palaces, Gardens and a Fortress inside the city of Granada.

Alhambra Palaces

The Alhambra Palaces have three areas:

  • The Mexuar
  • The Comares Palace, or Yusuf I Palace
  • The Lions Palace, or the Mohammed V Palace

The Alhambra Palaces is the only area in the Alhambra with strict schedule control. Visitors have to visit the Alhambra Palaces according to the designated timeframe on the ticket. For more information about the tickets please visit our Alhambra tickets and prices page.

The Mexuar

Mexuar Alhambra

Ministers used to congregate to debate laws and order in the Mexuar. It is the oldest construction (1314-1325). The Mexuar had no windows on the sides and the roof was open on the central part. In the back it has a small room with views to the Albaicín that served as a chapel.

The Mexuar has been refurbished many times during the XVI and XX century. The refurbishment includes columns and decorations that are part of the Moorish architecture. The walls are decorated with tiles of Moorish origin and some of Christian pieces. Visitors can find a courtyard with a fountain and a room called the Mexuar Courtyard behind the Mexuar.

Below picture shows the details Islamic calligraphy in Mexuar Hall.


The Mexuar Courtyard and Golden Room

The original purpose of this area is unknown. However, Isabel of Portugal refurbished the room. However, she never used it. The room is decorated with gothic paintings and symbols of the Catholic Kings. When visitors cross the Golden Room they will see an access to the Colmares Palace.

The Comares Palace

Comares Palace

Mohamed V built The Comares Palace in 1370.

Courtyard of Alberca or Arrayanes

The courtyard of the Comares Palace is located in the middle of the palace. At the sides there are plants that give their name to this courtyard. The water in this courtyard resembles a mirror. On top of the  building lays the Comares Tower.

Barca Room

This room features many arabic engravings including in the middle the word “blessing” in arabic. The room had different configurations over the time. Mohamed V expanded the room.

The Lions Palace


Lions Palace

On the side of the Arrayanes Courtyard there is a small arch that leads to the private area known as the Lions Palace.

Muhammad V build the Lions Palace as a residence for the sultan. In the middle of the palace there is a fountain. The palace is structured around it. There are four rooms from which a small flow of water reaches the center. The four rivers of Paradise described in the Coran.