Information about the Alhambra

alhambra-fountain The Alhambra is one of the most visited places in Spain. With over 2.4 Million visitors a year it’s certainly a place you should see on your trip to Granada. On the left side menu we provide you with more information about the Alhambra, it’s history and how you can get tickets for your visit. >> Buy Alhambra Tickets

Tickets & Prices

We give you an overview of the different ways on how you can purchase your tickets. You can also find the prices of the tickets. The overview gives several options on ticket combinations. You can choose to only visit the Alhambra or to book a combination visit which also includes the palaces and gardens. Additionally visitors can book a night- or guided tour.

Practical tips

Get some practical tips from travelers who have visited the Alhambra already. Preparation is half the journey. Because the weather can be hot, it’s highly advised to bring or buy some drinks. Also you should be aware that there is some walking involved in the tour. Therefore visitors should wear comfortable shoes and take their time to see all the great historic places.

Opening Hours

Want to know what the opening Hours are at the Alhambra? We provide you with a overview of the Opening Hours.

How to get there

In addition we give you some tips on how to get there. We provide you with a list of possibilities to find your way around in Granada here, furthermore you can find additional information about parking in Granada here.


The Palaces are full of history and are one of the must see places. For more information about the palaces you can visit the palaces page

Gardens (Generalife)

The gardens of the Alhambra are full of history and give you a glimpse of the Arab gardens from the past. More information can be found here