Tours to Granada

Granada, Andalusia and the Mediterranean coast are also beautiful destinations for people that live outside of the South of Spain. Therefore we decided to offer some package tours departing from several cities within Spain which include a trip to Granada, as well as other destinations close to Granada. From Seville you can take a Day tour to visit Granada and see the history of the Alhambra. From Barcelona we recommend a 6 Day tour which brings you to several nice cities at the Mediterranean coast. A visit to Granada is part of this package. If you come from Madrid there are several options available to visit the South of Spain. A comprehensive overview of the available packages can be found below.


From Seville: Granada-Alhambra Full Day Tour

Alhambra Tour from Seville

FROM € 135

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From Barcelona, 6 Days: Andalusia & Mediterranean Coast Trip

Andalusia trip from Barcelona

FROM € 650

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From Madrid, 5 Days: Andalusia and Toledo trip

Andalusia from Madrid

FROM € 541

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From Madrid, 7 Days: Andalusia and Barcelona trip

Andalusia and Barcelona from Madrid

FROM € 780

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From Madrid, 7 Days: Andalusia & Toledo small group tour

From Madrid

FROM € 1.065

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