Explore historic buildings in Granada through the time, from Islamic beginnings to the Christian Granada. Visit historic sites, such as the Alhambra or the Cathedral of Granada and the famous Royal Chapel.

In Granada there are lots of churches and museums. On the left side menu we provide you with more information about the Granada Historic places. In these pages you will find a summary of the history and how to prepare for your visit. This includes opening times and prices, location, photos and directions.

The Alhambra

Alhambra Granada
On top of the Red Hill, the Alhambra overlooks the city of Granada. The most visited monument of Granada and one of the best examples of Islamic Art in the world.

Cathedral of Granada

Granada Cathedral

The Cathedral combines Baroque and Renaissance styles and it is one of the most important historic buildings in Granada.

Royal Chapel

Royal Chapel Granada
The Royal Chapel is one of the historic buildings and final resting place for the Catholic Monarchs. They chose this place because they saw conquest of Granada as their biggest achievement.

Corral del Carbón

Corral del Carbon courtyard

Corral del Carbón is the oldest monument in Granada from the Muslim times and it’s the best preserved of its kind (alhóndiga) in Spain.

Monstery of St. Jerome

Monastery of St. Jerome
The Monastery of St. Jerome is the first one that was built after the reconquest of Granada. Diego de Siloé worked on this monastery and el Gran Capitán is buried here.

Carthusian Monastery

Carthusian Monastery Granada

Known as Granada Charterhouse, this is a Carthusian monastery in Granada. This monument is one of the finest examples of Baroque in Spain and has great paintings and sculptures from different artists.

House of Zafra

House of Zafra
House of Zafra is a XIV century nasrid house later occupied by a Spanish owner. It is one of the best examples of nasrid houses in Granada.

El Banuelo

El Banuelo

El Banuelo are public arab baths from the XI century. They are one of the best preserved arab baths in Spain.

Sacromonte Abbey

Sacromonte Abbey
Sacromonte Abbey was constructed in the XVII century and is located on top of the Sacromonte hill. The church also offers a great view of Granada.



Madraza is the first Arab university in Granada. Founded by Yusuf I it is one of the best examples of arabic culture in the city.